n-Dimensional multiresolution representation of subdivision meshes with arbitrary topology

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We present a new model for the representation of n-dimensional multiresolution meshes. It provides a robust topological representation of arbitrary meshes that are combined in closely interlinked levels of resolution. The proposed combinatorial model is formalized through the mathematical model of combinatorial maps allowing us to give a general formulation, in any dimensions, of the topological subdivision process that is a key issue to robustly and soundly define mesh hierarchies. It fully supports multiresolution edition what allows the implementation of most mesh processing algorithms – like filtering or compression – for n-dimensional meshes with arbitrary topologies. We illustrate this model, in dimension 3, with an new truly multiresolution representation of subdivision volumes. It allows us to extend classical subdivision schemes to arbitrary polyhedrons and to handle adaptive subdivision with an elegant solution to compliance issues. We propose an implementation of this model as an effective and relatively inexpensive data structure.

L. Untereiner , D. Cazier , D. Bechmann

Graphical Models , Volume 75 , Number 5 , page 231-246 - 2013
Additionnal material

International journal n-Dimensional multiresolution representation of subdivision meshes with arbitrary topology, Graphical Models, Academic Press - Elsevier ( IF : 1.169, SNIP : 0.632, SJR : 0.22 ), pages 231-246, Volume 75, n° 5, janvier 2013. 5-Year Impact Factor: 1.235, doi:10.1016/j.gmod.2013.03.003 Research team : IGG

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