Semi-regular Triangle Remeshing: a Comprehensive Study

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Semi-regular triangle remeshing algorithms convert irregular surface meshes into semi-regular ones. Especially in the field of computer graphics, semi-regularity is an interesting property because it makes meshes highly suitable for multi-resolution analysis. In this paper, we survey the numerous remeshing algorithms that have been developed over the past two decades. We propose different classifications to give new and comprehensible insights into both existing methods and issues. We describe how considerable obstacles have already been overcome, and discuss promising perspectives.

F. Payan , C. Roudet , B. Sauvage

Computer Graphics Forum , Volume 34 , Number 1 , page 86-102 - 2015

International journal Semi-regular Triangle Remeshing: a Comprehensive Study, Computer Graphics Forum, Wiley-Blackwell ( IF : 2.116 ), pages 86-102, Volume 34, n° 1, février 2015, doi:10.1111/cgf.12461 Research team : IGG

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